Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Million Percent

 Caleb loves writing on the dry-erase easel (who wouldn't, right?), so that's where I typically have him practice spelling.  He actually loves for me to give him words to spell/write on there.

 Pretty sure what he loves the most, however, is giving himself a "grade" after he has finished.  And, I had started the habit of writing a 100% (using the 2 zeros to make a smiley face of course) on the board after checking his work.

Although now, 100% is just not sufficient for him.  Since Daddy taught him that the number 1 million has SIX(!!) zeros, he's all about that number.  So today's spelling "test" got a 1,000,000%.

Okay, do you notice the little "hat" on the "e" in the word "here"?  This week, he learned about the long "e" sound, made by -e, -ee, or -ea and the long e "hat" is often used in our Phonics book to remind him.  I love that he added that detail.


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