Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's for Dinner? Week 1: Chicken Broccoli Supreme

I very much enjoy cooking and baking.  While I am by no means a chef (though I can follow a recipe with the best of 'em), I find a lot of joy in preparing and serving food to my family, to my friends, or to anyone else who would like to eat at any given moment.  There always seems to be plenty of hungry people around, so I get a lot of opportunities to try out new recipes or make something "tried and true" again.  

While there are definitely nights when going out or take-out sounds really great, I really do enjoy the process of preparing food for my family, setting the table and serving them in this way.  Even when Caleb tells me 100 times before even tasting something that he is just sure he is not going to like it. I try not to take that too personally...

I have a goal for this year to try out 1 new dinner recipe every week.  So, assuming I can keep up with this, I'll have made at least 52 new-to-me meals by the end of the year.  And, I'm planning to chronicle these efforts here in an effort to keep myself accountable to this goal as well as to share some (hopefully) yummy recipes with any of you who also might be looking for some new dinner ideas.

So, here we go.  Week 1. 
French Chicken Broccoli Supreme (not sure what is so French about it), made last night.  

This recipe was found here, sent to me by my mom, who came across it on Pinterest.  I've actually made this a couple of times before, so it's not technically brand new, but new enough. =)

My favorite aspects to this dish:  the homemade sauce and the crushed cracker topping (who doesn't love that?!).  

I left out the poppy seeds and served it with white rice, which is a staple in our house.  It will for sure be added to the meal rotation!


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