Saturday, January 14, 2012


 The kiddos made clay snowmen yesterday (homemade clay recipe found here).  They only took 1 day to completely harden, yay!

Meet Frosty & Lucy...

They also each helped write a "story" about their snowman!

 My Snowman
By: Caleb
His name is Frosty.  He likes to play snow trucks.  He likes to eat snow blueberries - blueberries with coconut on top for snow.  He likes to wear snowflake shirts.  He likes to sing La La La La La La La.  His favorite color is my favorite color red.  His favorite season is he likes to melt he likes Summer.  Frosty is a snowman.  He has 3 balls for his tummy and his face and his feet.  He likes the snow.

My Snowman
By: Meredith

Her name is Lucy.  She likes to play toys.  She likes to eat some tacos.  She likes to wear scarves.  Her favorite color is green.  Her favorite season is Summer.


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