Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shane's 1st Haircut

We took Shane to get his very 1st haircut today.  We probably could have waited a bit longer, but we had a free morning, and Meredith needed her hair cut as well, so it just seemed like a good time. 

A bit long on the sides and in the back!

 He did a great job and sat very still throughout the entire process.  And, his lack of smiles don't in any way indicate sadness or anger.  He was just pretty darn serious about the whole thing.

He looks so much less babyish, and much more boyish.  
Sniff, sniff.


Such a big boy!  
Sniff, sniff.  
Wait, did I already say that?

Standing all by himself!  He does this a lot lately, though he does not seem interested in taking any independent steps just yet. 


 And, here is his 13-month picture with Sock Monkey (pre-haircut).  He turned 13 months yesterday!


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