Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss Independent

When Meredith was about 8 months old, she began to refuse most foods that came to her on a fork or spoon. In other words, our little Miss Independent wanted nothing to do with her Mommy and Daddy feeding her, and everything to do with feeding herself. Which was not such a bad thing. She had pretty good pincer grasp skills, and could "chew" almost anything, despite the fact that she had no teeth. So, she began to eat everything we were eating (for the most part), cut into little pieces that she could pick up and feed to herself.

Well, here we are, and Meredith is a little over a year. And, our Miss Independent still won't take anything we try to feed her on a spoon or a fork. So, we have decided that it is time for her to learn to use some utensils all by herself.

Here are a few photos from last night's attempt to eat mashed potatoes with a fork...

Eventually, she got tired of trying to use the fork and resorted back to just using her hands. Understandable....I do the same thing at Chinese restaurants....I give the chopsticks a try, but eventually give up and use my fork!

Meredith, we love you dearly, despite your stubbornness (which, for the record, you got from both Mom and Dad).


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