Thursday, August 19, 2010

Letters of the Week - STUVWXYZ

We made it through the whole alphabet!

This was U's last week with us, we are leaving for vacation this weekend and Caleb starts preschool the week we return, so I wanted to get the rest of the letters done. And, the kids don't mind the heavy "work load"...they are always asking to do a "project"!


S is for Snake!

T is for Tree!

U is for Umbrella!

V is for Vase!

W is for Watermelon!

X if for Xylophone!

Y is for Yellow!

Z is for Zebra!
(PS - Notice the little "tail"...that was totally Caleb's idea. I was so proud of him to think to put a tail on his zebra!)

The kiddos with their sticker charts. They got a star sticker for each letter of the alphabet that they completed. 26 stars later...they are obviously pretty proud!

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