Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meredith's Big Day

We had a great day, celebrating our sweet girl's very 1st birthday!

Pancakes for breakfast....Meredith's were heart-shaped.

Caleb and Daddy opted out of wearing the princess crowns. =)

Enjoying her meal...


Ready to go to the zoo...Daddy met us at Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, which has become a 1st Birthday tradition for us!

Here we are!

First stop...the ducks!

Meredith loves to point at everything. She had a great time looking at all the different animals.

Kisses from the goat...gross, but cute. She loved it.

Not a bad attempt...


Birthday dinner....Grilled Chicken and Pasta.
May not seem like the meal of choice for a 1 year old, but she loves it. Meredith gave up eating "baby food" many months ago, and loves anything that a "big girl" can eat.

2 more precious princesses...

Say Cheese!

"Happy Birthday to You..."
(Carrot Cake...another 1st birthday tradition)

Meredith has never had cake, or any sweets for that matter, until tonight. But, I had a feeling that she would love it. I was right. She left no crumb uneaten.

Happy Birthday to our precious baby girl! We love you!

Her birthday bash is this weekend, so be sure to check back again soon for photos from that!

(If you want to look back to Caleb's 1st birthday celebration, click here.)


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