Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunny Days...

We have VERY MUCH enjoyed the beautiful weather we have had recently! Caleb loves, loves, LOVES to be outside, and that is a-ok with us! He loves to take walks around the neighborhood in the wagon, play at the park, and just run around!

The other day, he helped put some mulch down...after about 5 minutes, though, he decided it would be more fun to sweep the driveway. Seriously.

Although we don't have an outdoor hoop, he still loves to play with the basketball outside in the yard and driveway.

And, what kid doesn't love bubbles? Well, ours sure does, anyhow! In fact, "bubbles" is probably one of the most frequently used words around here this week. It is fun to see his excitement when trying to catch the bubbles, or when trying to create the bubbles in the first place! He gets excited and yells "pop" every time he sees one do just that...and then tells others "bye" as they float away.

Taking a break to stop and smell the roses, I mean....tulips.


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