Monday, May 11, 2009

Congratulations, Dad!

My Dad, being the humble and selfless man that he is, would probably not prefer for me to post this on our blog, but we are really proud of him, so we are doing it anyway. =)

This weekend, my dad was inducted into Round Lake High School's Athletic Hall of Fame. Though he graduated more than a few years ago (*wink*), this is only the 2nd year of the Hall of Fame's existence. I, personally, think it is pretty great that although he graduated more than a few years ago, he was already inducted, in just the 2nd year!

It was a fun evening. Both of my parents went to RLHS, and my dad actually taught there for a few years as well, before a career-change. So, we were able to meet some people that we had only heard about in stories.

It was great to listen to the introduction that the host gave for my dad. He had to keep saying "and also..." when referring to my dad's athletic accomplishments. Just when you thought he might just have to be finished, he would add more impressive stats to the list.

Most of these accomplishments are ones I never knew of. Like I mentioned dad is extremely humble....there were no plaques on the walls or trophies on the shelf of our home. We knew he was good, we just didn't know how good. Turns out he was quite good, actually. =)

If you are interested in the highlights of his athletic career, follow the link below, and scroll down to find him - Mickey McCarty.

So, congratulations, Dad!
You are a talented man...
and, although there is a lot to love about your talents,
you are so much more than that!
Thank you for being a humble, selfless, hard-working, and dedicated dad...and grandpa!

The slideshow...

Being presented his award...

Quick speech (I wish I had the eloquence and humor that he does when I speak!)


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