Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Boy Bed

We have been hoping that Caleb would be able to transition into a new room, and a new "big boy bed" before his little sister arrived. We didn't want to wait until she was born, for fear that he might resent his new little sister for taking over his space.

So, we have been getting his new room set up in hopes that someday soon, we could make the official transition. My goal was to start trying out the new bed by the beginning of June, thinking it might take a few nights...or a few weeks. =)

But, we should have known....our little guy is pretty easygoing, at least when it comes to his sleeping arrangements!

One day this past week, before nap time, he expressed interest in wanting to nap in his new bed. I figured that I might as well try it, since he initiated the idea! So, we got him all ready, got his bed all ready, and went through our typical naptime routine. I was fully prepared to have him finish his nap in his crib, because I wasn't totally confident he would make it the entire nap time in his new bed....ah, me of little faith. =)

After about 5 minutes, I did hear some "sounds" in his room...and went in to see him out of bed, playing with some toys. I thought, okay, we'll give it another try. So, I reminded him that it was naptime, and that he needed to go to sleep in his bed. I asked him if he would rather sleep in his crib, and he said "no." Then he walked over to his big boy bed and was ready to try again. I tucked him in for a second time, and told him to close his eyes and go to sleep.

I didn't hear him again for another 2 1/2 hours! Success!

Since then, he has slept exclusively in his big boy bed! He has done so well, and we are so proud of him.

And, for a bit of nostalgia, here is a photo of him sleeping in his VERY FIRST bed....this picture was taken when he was just a few days old!

And, his most recent bed....the beautiful crib that my dad built. While it is a bit sad to think of how quickly Caleb is growing up, we LOVE seeing him grow and learn so much each day. And of course, we are very excited for our little girl to have such a special crib to sleep in.

**Next time you see photos of the nursery, it will look quite different! Stay tuned!


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