Friday, May 1, 2009


We are growing!

We had a doctor's appointment today. Everything, at this point, is still going well. Our little girl is developing right on track. Her heartbeat was a strong 160 beats per minute.

The VERY FIRST thing I noticed when the doctor zoomed in on her sweet face was that she reminded me of Caleb. In other words...she sure did "chunk up" since the last ultrasound we had! Click here to look back at photos from our 19 week, 4 day appointment.

Here are a couple of photos (blurry, as always!) from today...

She always has one or both of her hands up by her eyes. Caleb was often seen doing this in the womb as must be a baby thing. =)

A straight on shot of her face...

OF course, I am growing, too. This was taken on Wednesday, just a couple of days after I hit 24 weeks.

I have been feeling great....more "pulls" and "twinges" than I had with Caleb, and a bit of back pain and occasional heartburn, but overall, I am feeling good! Although, I still pull the "I'm pregnant and achy" card on a nightly basis to elicit a quick back massage out of Kris. =)

Although doctors, at first, were concerned that I was not gaining enough weight, I think I am doing just fine at this point. Maybe more than fine. They told me to put on the pounds. I took them very seriously!

Other than Caleb's closet being taken over by pink, bunk beds going up in what will be Caleb's new big boy room, and my ever-growing tummy, it's business as usual around here!


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