Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 37

 This girl was finally brave enough to let the lady give her a much-needed haircut...ice cream at McDs at 9:30 am was her reward. ;)

 Petting her Anna ornament...

 550 piece puzzle....great way to spend the beginning of Christmas break!



 2nd day of break....cookies baked from scratch, cut-out, and decorated by the kiddos!

Last week of school, our committee baked cookies for a cookie exchange for the staff...

 Walking in to early morning orchestra rehearsal...

 In lieu of paying $1500 for someone else to install new insulation in our attic, Kris rented the machine in order to do it himself...

 All was fine and dandy, until he almost fell through the ceiling!!!  Okay, so I am either exaggerating a bit or he is downplaying it a bit.  But regardless, he was walking up there, and his leg went through...thankfully he didn't actually fall all the way through, and his only injury was a gash on his shin. 

I immediately turned the machine off, thinking that there was no way he was going to keep going up there, but he yelled down for me to turn it back on so he could finish.   He's a better man than I. ;)

 If it weren't ground up fiberglass, it would actually look a little pretty!

 Meredith has discovered her love of texting (uh oh), and was eager to text some family members yesterday to tell them about her 1st loose tooth!  I love this exchange between her and Uncle Warren (or, Warrin). ;)  This just reminds me how much it SUCKS (sorry for the language) that we all don't live closer to one another. :(

 As if spending hours installing insulation in the attic wasn't enough, my hard working hubs also spent another hour or 2 yesterday putting up a new light over our dining table.  This light, along with one for over the kitchen table are my Christmas presents.  I'm feeling spoiled!

 I LOVE it.  And yes, the table has been set for Christmas since Saturday.  You know me.

 And today we have someone here fixing the hole and repainting the ceiling...YAY!

 They helped me clean the basement and earned an episode or 2 of Curious George. ;)


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