Thursday, December 10, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 36

Ugly Sweater Party with some of my favorite ladies!!
She said: "I be coach and you be team."
Baby girl is getting so so big!

Okay, so we don't do the "santa thing", but Meredith wrote this letter during school, and I think it's pretty cute!

I chopped my hair.
Norah's first drawing of a person!

She's in an "I want to do my own hair" phase.
Reading time.
Playing time.
He's getting better every day!

The kiddos love this snow globe.
 Some "kindness elves" he been visiting us and have tasked us with various acts of kindness. :)

Snowy Day
 Kids' work at the Art Show...

Checking out the Larsen Light Show.
It's looking like Christmas at church!


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