Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Celebrations

Shane had his preschool program this past Thursday....

 He did so well!  Especially considering he came home from school a few weeks ago pretty sure that he was going to be too afraid to go up there and sing.  I was so proud of him.  The songs were so cute (of course), with my favorite being the last one they did....they did Silent Night ALL in sign was beautiful!  I didn't take video, but I'm hoping I can get it from another parent who did.

The gift for Mom and Dad that his teachers helped him make at school.

The 3rd graders at the kids' school don't have parents come in to help with parties.  Instead, they are put onto committees and plan it themselves.  Caleb was on the Holiday Party committee, and he had to bring in strawberries, donuts (it was a breakfast theme!), napkins and some prizes for games.  I helped in Meredith's class, but because I was running a game, I didn't get to take many pictures of her.  But here she is doing her snow globe ornament craft!

 Last night was Kris' company Christmas outing.  I look forward to this every year!  We do an activity of some sort and then have a nice dinner.  Last night, we all ventured out of our comfort zones and went to The Room.  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with this, but it was so.much.FUN!  Neither of our groups were able to get out of the rooms in the allotted time (apparently only 20% or so of people can), but we had a great time.  We then went to Chama Gaucha for an incredible meal.

So close!


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