Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Last Day of T-Ball

 These two had their last day of t-ball class yesterday.  

 They LOVED going each week, and they loved being in class together.  


 Mommy got to participate yesterday as opposed to sitting out in the hall with a restless toddler (thanks to my friend Rachel for watching Norah!) and it was so fun.  We got to run bases, practice hitting and throwing, and had a kids vs. parents game at the end.  Good times. Here are a few videos I got of the kids...

The loved getting their medals.  Shane slept with his last night.


While all my kids have special relationships with one another, these two have an extra unique one...maybe because they are so close in age?  Or maybe because they are both the middle child and feel the need to stick together so as not to be too tainted by their birth order?  Or maybe just because they really like each other!  I'll go with that one....;)
When it's just the two of them (which is often the case these days), they play so well together.  Of course they have their moments of fighting and bickering and forgetting-how-to-share.  But most times, when it's just the two of them, they play amazingly together.

One of the reasons we prefer half-day Kinder is so that our kids get just one more year of more hours spent at home (awake hours) than at school.  And one of the reasons for that is so they have that extra year of building a friendship with their siblings.  And that is surely one reason (of many) that we chose 1/2 day for Meredith.  I'm so excited to see their brother-sister friendship continue to grow.


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