Friday, May 23, 2014

Meredith: Last Day of Preschool!

This little girl finished her very last day of preschool!  She has had such a fun year!

 She was super sad to leave her teachers and friends today, but is extremely excited for Kindergarten next year.

I asked her to show me how big she is now.  This is what she did!

With 2 very special teachers, Miss Laura & Miss Nancy...


To celebrate after school, we picked up Chipotle (always Meredith's 1st choice) and headed to a park.

This kid cracks me up.

1st Day of preschool still my heart, she looks so itty bitty.  I taught Meredith at home for her first year of preschool, and looking back at pictures from that year makes me excited to do the same with Shane in the Fall.

 1st Day of preschool this year...

And her very last day ever...


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