Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Fairy Ballerina

 Meredith's year-long ballet class culminated today with her much-anticipated recital.  On Thursday she had her dress rehearsal, which is when I snapped most of these pictures.

 Our ballerina was over the moon excited for her recital.  She was so eager to wear her costume, get curly hair, and wear *gasp* make-up.  I, on the other hand, was not overjoyed about the make-up thing.  Yeah yeah, I get that when they are on stage under the lights they will get washed out and all, but make-up on my precious and beautiful 4 year old?  Not a huge fan.  Oh well, I sucked it up and did it anyway.   I did want to cry a bit when she told me how excited she was to wear make-up because of how beautiful it would make her...we had a nice heart-to-heart (again) about how she is already beautiful because that is how God made her, and how He is mostly concerned with how beautiful her heart is.

I made sure to snap some pictures BEFORE I put the make-up on....

The hair and the wings!
Enter: make-up (purple eye shadow, pink blush and pink lipstick to be exact).  As you can tell, she loved it.


Silly smile!

Quick snack before heading to the rehearsal...

 All of the "tip toes" ballet classes danced to a theme song from a popular children's TV show.  Meredith's class danced to the song from The Fairies.  We have actually never seen the show itself, but its theme song will not easily be forgotten after this year!

Waiting patiently for her class to take the stage...

 Pics from rehearsal...

Recital Day!

 We are just so proud of our little dancer!  She did a great job today, and had so much fun.


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