Sunday, May 11, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 10


Meredith loves to sleep on the floor near Norah's crib so they can have a "sleepover".  As you can see, Norah is oblivious.
Future Puggle!  The Puggles (Shane's AWANA group) got backpacks on their last night, and there was an extra for Norah, who was an honorary Puggle that night.  She loves it.
Go Cards!
"It makes me more beautifuller."
 Panera Date with the two littlest...

 N loves to play peek-a-boo...

 She also loves flowers.

 Big Girl Cup...

So proud.
Her silly face.
Helping the neighbor with yard work?
Walk along the river, downtown STC...we saw 2 goslings with Momma Goose & Daddy Goose.
Digging on the side of the house.
Grating the orange rind for me.
Mother's Day was different than typical.  Kris has been out of town since yesterday morning (not returning until Friday night).  We went out to dinner with my parents last night to one of my fave restaurants, and stayed the night at their house.

Playing on the rocks (and in the rocks) outside JMK.
After lunch at my parents' house, we came home.  To be honest, it hasn't been the greatest day (since leaving Roscoe).  I had to clean up puke in the van, mow the lawn before the storms come (and I ran out of gas before finishing, ugh), ask a neighbor to come over and help me get the lawn mower unstuck from our gate (not sure how that even happened), and listen to one of the kids tell me that she wants to be part of another family because she doesn't like time-outs.  Said child shall remain, *ahem*, nameless.  Of course these things are not the worst things ever, and they are pretty typical on days with 4 young kids.  But I guess I was just hoping that today, being Mother's Day and all, life would be a bit less typical.

I am trying really really hard not to be a selfish crybaby and to simply remember that I do love being a mom to these kids, even on not-so-great days like this one.  And, we did manage to get downtown STC and have some Frozen Yogurt.


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