Monday, April 28, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 9

 The latest installment!

Over the past several days, our baby chicks have been the highlight of our lives!  Here's a picture of our 3 biggest holding the first 3 chicks to hatch.

Of all the kids, Meredith definitely loved our babies the most.  She spent so much time with them.  Such a sweetie.

They "graduated" to a pool for more room.

Two chickies taking a field trip to visit Meredith and her friends at preschool.

And finally, ALL the chicks taking a car ride to their permanent residences!

4 of them in their new home...sweet setup!

Our friend's mom showing the kids the eggs their hens laid that day...


Kids had a great time taking a ride through the woods and chasing the grown-up hens...

After Meredith's Kidnergarten Preview, her and I went to get frozen yogurt!

It's rare when ALL 4 kids can manage to play with the trains at the same time and nicely.

Trip to the park with the little 2 while the big kids are at school...

Jelly Bean bar at church on Easter Sunday...

Enjoying having the girls' room all to herself...

More park time!


Bike ride...


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