Thursday, April 10, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 8

 Recently, and in no particular order.  Enjoy!

Norah girl loves bubbles.

Mom Fail?   I completely forgot Spring Picture Day at preschool (not that I was intending to purchase any anyhow), and this is what Meredith wore that day (minus the pearls, which were an added accessory when she got home that day).  Oops.

 Literacy Night at Caleb's school.  Everyone read The Chocoloate Touch and then we went to school for a fun chocolate-themed night.

Science Experiment
 These 2 love to help make their lunches.

 One day as I came home from somewhere, this was what I saw...cutest welcome-home greeting ever!

 Monkey Joe's with Grandma again....this time, Norah braved the jumpy houses!

 Playing Guess Who.

 Conference Call (seriously, she said she was talking to Mikayla and Zoe).

Dusting Baseboards. =)

While stuck in traffic on the highway one day, we were thankful for this super cool tree-removal truck that kept the kids entertained!

 No Words.

 Meredith and Buddy T.

Laying in the sun.

 Norah set the table.

 She raided the pantry.  Again.


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