Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's For Dinner? Weeks 27 & 28: Crunch Wrap Supreme & Chicken With Sundried Tomato and Basil Sauce

Two new recipes again this week, and they both turned out pretty good!

The first was a homemade crunchwrap supreme.  Apparently this is a homemade version of one of the menu items at Taco Bell, although I have never actually had it there.

I apparently don't have tortilla wrapping skills, as I was not able to successfully fold the flour tortilla over the filling/corn tortilla.  So, I improvised and cut 2 flour tortillas to be the same size as the corn tortilla and layered everything before cooking on the stove top.  Also, I didn't put the sour cream in any of the layers, as I prefer my sour cream to be cold and more of a garnish for dipping.   So, flour tortilla on the bottom, then a layer of seasoned meat and cheese.  Then the crunchy corn tortilla.  Then the lettuce and tomatoes.  Finally, one more flour tortilla on top.  Then, cook it quesadilla style!  They turned out really great.  We love tacos, and combining the crunchy corn tortilla with the typical flour ones made for a great upgrade to our usual version. =)

 Go here for the original recipe.

 Next up was this chicken dish.  Kris loves sun dried tomatoes, so I made this one with him in mind.  I'm not a huge tomato fan, though I really love basil.  I used more of the tomatoes than the recipe called for, and in our opinions, even more would have made it even better.  The sauce was creamy and yummy, though next time I'll use more sun dried tomatoes.

Go here for the chicken/sauce recipe.


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