Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A HOT Day at the Zoo

I know, I know.  I am crazy for going to the zoo today.  But, despite the heat, we took off after morning swim lessons and headed to Brookfield. 

While we weren't the only crazy ones to go out and brave the hot sun, the zoo was uncharacteristically not crowded. It was really nice in one sense, since there weren't a ton of people there; on the other hand, it was seriously hot.  We tried to stick to the shade and indoor exhibits, but by the end of our time there, we were all dripping and exhausted, and it was necessary to spend $8.50 on 2 (yes, just 2, and not the big ones!) bottles of cold Gatorade, since our water supply had been depleted.  I cringe when having to spend so much on something like that, but my survival instincts outweighed my financial sense at the moment!  Sure sure, I could have filled up at the drinking fountains but that Gatorade was just so incredibly cold-and-refreshing-looking.....

Anyway, despite the intense warmth, we had fun!

The highlights of today's visit were a carousel ride, the dolphin show, and the children's barnyard zoo.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the actual animals that the kiddos were riding on...Meredith was riding on a giraffe, and Caleb was on a praying mantis.  I just held Shane (long story).

The dolphin show was a lot of fun, although Shane was really tired and really sweaty and just wanted to sleep (that's what I get for skipping naps) he was a bit cranky, but overall he did a great job, despite the conditions! I didn't get a ton of great pictures, as we were in the "splash zone" and I wanted to protect the camera.  And, I had a really sweaty and clingy baby on my lap.  But, here are a few...

 The best part of today's visit was definitely the barnyard zoo...

I feel like I must explain that Shane's shorts are soaked because of a spilled water bottle, not anything else...
 ...more specifically, getting to pet and brush the goats!

 Shane loved the goats.  Never mind that he kept calling them "doggies."

 Caleb was very diligent in his brushing....

 Meredith loved loved loved these animals.  Not that her facial expression here shows that.

 She especially enjoyed hanging out with the babies!

Another successful (although uncomfortably hot) couple of hours at the zoo.  We are all going to sleep well tonight!


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