Monday, July 9, 2012

VBS 2012

The big kids have VBS this week.  They have been excited about this week all summer!  It is sure to be a fun few days of games and crafts and friends and sunshine and learning about Jesus.

 While it is Caleb's 3rd year of attending, it's Meredith's 1st. 

Going along with the theme for the week, there are real airplane seats for the kids to sit in!

 After about 2 minutes of Pastor talking, poor sweet Meredith lost it and started crying.  I think she was just overwhelmed and maybe a little nervous.  She is, after all, quite young for this...she isn't even 3 yet!  I held her on my lap for the remainder of the opening segment, and once it was time to go up to the preschool classroom, she was happily willing.  She walked quietly and attentively (and maybe a bit apprehensively!) in  line and followed Mrs. H. up to the class.  

Both kids had a great 1st day.  Meredith liked playing in the gym, and doing stamps and stickers.  Caleb loved seeing many of his preschool friends.  And they both raved about today's snack...popcorn cups with some surprise candy at the bottom.  Ahh, the little things!

Speaking of snacks, I'm the "snack lady" for a couple of days this week....and tomorrow's snack is jello/cool whip "sky" cups.

31 down.  50-ish to go. I won't lie...I am already a bit jello-d out.


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