Sunday, July 8, 2012

17 weeks - Turnip

Baby Girl is 17 weeks (+ 3 days).  Turnip-sized.   


Caleb and Meredith appreciated seeing the turnip in comparison to the baby right now.  Caleb completely understood the point, although Meredith looked at me with a confused look and asked "this is the baby?"  Once I assured her that "no, this vegetable is not actually your baby sister, but she is about the same size in Mommy's tummy as the turnip", she seemed satisfied....and relieved!

During this past week, I began to feel the baby move on occasion.  Nothing super consistent yet, but the little bubbles and jabs are definitely her.  A couple of times, I was actually able to feel her "kick" on the outside of my belly. So fun!

 Belly is certainly growing!  


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