Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Times

 We spent the weekend up in Wisconsin, at our good friends' house.  They (Shawna and Rob) just had their 5th baby - a girl, finally, after 4 boys!  Little Emersen is such a sweetie, and it was great to meet her and hold her.

In true baby fashion, she slept most of the weekend.  While she did a lot of that, the "big" kids did a lot of playing.  Caleb and Meredith had so much fun and of course it was nice for us not-so-little people to catch up.  The Millens drove up as well, so it was an extra-fun reunion of sorts.

All of the big kids eating lunch (Shane, Benten and Emersen are not pictured)...

Not sure what they are watching, but it must be good.

For the past year, Caleb has been telling us about how he wants one of these "vehicles".  Every time we pass them at the toy store, or Wal-Mart or wherever, he reminds us that he really really would like one of his own.

 All of his dreams came true this weekend when he got to drive one for the first time.  And I am pretty serious about his dreams coming true.  When I asked him if we was having fun, he replied...."Yes, I have been dreaming of this!"  So cute!

The big highlight for the kids was the pool.  I am not sure how many hours they clocked in the water this weekend, but it was a lot.  Our kiddos have gradually gotten more comfortable in the water over the recent weeks, and it was really great to have the opportunity to play some more.



Of course, the slide was a hit.


Water train...

I love these next  pictures.  Mostly because, even though they were all planning to jump in at the same time, Caleb was a bit delayed.  In the 3rd photo, you can see him finally jump after everyone else is already making a splash!

 Meredith jumping in...

 Much more fun without the tube!

The whole gang:
Benten (17 mo.), Jensen (5), Emersen (4 wks.), Owen (5), Lawsen (3), Ozzy (3), Haley (7), Sydney (4 1/2), Caleb (4 1/2), Shane (18 mo.) and Meredith (2 1/2)


Such a fun weekend!  It was so great to see everyone!  Til next time....


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