Saturday, May 12, 2012

Preschool Prom

 Caleb had his "Preschool Prom" last night....which is essentially an end-of-the-year Family Night.  We ate, played, danced and talked with friends.  We all had a great time! 

Our handsome preschooler...

 ...with his "date". =)

 Our girl.

 And our other handsome buddy.


 The 3.

 The theme for the party was "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.

 Mrs. Hinz made this fun cake, with all of the preschoolers' names!


There were a ton of balloons for the kids to play with.  Naturally, some of them were popped throughout the night, and for the first half of the evening, Meredith was absolutely terrified of the popping.  She didn't want to eat or play or do anything except attach herself to Mommy or Daddy and cover her ears and cry.  Poor girl.  She was so upset that at one point, Daddy actually had to take her upstairs away from the party.  Eventually, she came back down, and was able to have fun.  

Finally she got to the point where, every time a balloon popped, she would freeze up for a second but then would continue on with her playing or dancing.

 Caleb & his friend Connor.

 Silly Dance Song.


 Meredith and Shane have some serious moves.

 Meredith & Abbie.

 Way past his bedtime.

Dancing Queen.

 Dancing with Nana.

I love this one.  Poor Shane....Meredith was not trying to choke him, but was only trying to hug him for the picture!


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