Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a busy, but fun, weekend! On Saturday, we went to my parents' house, and although the weather was a little bit chilly and cloudy, Meredith and Caleb loved playing in the little pool.


 Shane had no desire to play in the pool, but still managed to have plenty of fun.

He played with the hose,

 used measuring cups to transfer water from the pool to the driveway,

 loved the little slide,

 played with Cubby,

 and had his first Popsicle.


 Tonight, we had a Small Group BBQ.  It was so much fun!

 C & C

 The best I could get of all the kiddos...

 Grill masters.

 The guys.

 The girls.

 The kids got so dirty!  They spent a lot of the time playing in the sand volleyball court, and baths were completely necessary when we got home.  Here's a little glimpse into what their faces looked like by the end of the evening...

   Roasting marshmallows.

 Caleb wanted nothing to do with the browned marshmallow, or a S'more.  Meredith took a couple bites of a S'more but decided she didn't like it.  They both loved eating the plain marshmallows, though!

 Shane was so tired, as it was waaaay past his bedtime by this point.  He asked for a marshmallow, and instead of eating it, he just held onto it while sucking his thumb.  Eventually, he did eat it (along with a couple more). =)

I love these types of days....full of sunshine, fun, family and friends, and food.  Although I have to admit that I am exhausted and ready for a down day tomorrow!


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