Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To My 2 year Old

Dear Meredith,

For many weeks now, you've been answering "August" when we ask you when your birthday will be. When we say "August what?", you reply "10". Well, sweet pea, August 10th is here! It's your 2nd birthday today and these past 2 years have been such a blessing to us because of you!

Meredith, you are such a sweet and smart and beautiful and curious little girl.

You love to ask "why" about so many things, something that I didn't think started this early! You are independent, and often will demand "my do it" when we try to help you with something. You like to dress yourself and brush your own teeth and buckle yourself into your car seat and high chair without anyone's help. I love that you are becoming so good at doing these things, but I am a little bit sad that you don't need me as much anymore. That's how it usually goes with mommies, you know.

You are a wonderful little sister to Caleb - you are really good at bugging him at times, but you are also really great at playing along with the games that he invents. You and Caleb love one another greatly. You miss him when he is at school, and you ask about him when he is not around.

You weren't the baby for very long, as Baby Shane arrived when you were just 16 months old. You are a wonderful big sister to little Shaner-bug, and you have done very well with him, especially considering how young you were when he was born. You have learned to be gentle with him, and how to care for a little baby. You and Shane love to play peek-a-boo; he giggles so much when you pop up to see him. You sometimes have moments of jealousy, when Momma is feeding Shane or playing with him, but it's nothing that some extra hugs or cuddling for you can't fix.

You are the little princess of our home, right in the middle of 2 boys. With you have come butterflies and pink and tutus and babies and ponytails. Although, you also love to play with cars and trucks and balls, and you can hold your own in a wrestling match with Caleb and Daddy.

Though you are quite tiny, you are also quite strong. Though you are under the 10th percentile in weight, you eat more than your fair share at meal time!

You love to run and jump, roll and climb. You love to do jigsaw puzzles and to sing. You don't really enjoy coloring, but you do like stickers. You love to wear sunglasses and your crocs. You absolutely love animals, all kinds. You love your soft pink blankie, and you give the greatest hugs. Your smile and your laugh are infectious.

You try so hard to keep up with Caleb, and you have learned so much from watching him. You love to learn new things, and we love to teach them to you.

Your favorite color is yellow and your favorite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. (These are two of mommy's favorites as well). You love yogurt and cottage cheese and would carry your milk cup around with you all day if we let you.

You are the sweetest little girl any family could ask for, and we are so very thankful that God gave you to us. Our lives are sweeter and richer and fuller and brighter and more joyful because of you. We pray fervently that the Lord would continue to protect you and that he would eventually draw your heart to His and that your life would glorify Him.

Here is a picture of you not long after you were born...

And, here you are on your birthday last year - 1 year old!

Here you are just yesterday, one day before turning 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday, dear daughter. A fun day of celebrating is in store for you.



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