Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shane is 8 Months!

Shane is 8 months old today!

Shane's bottom 2 middle teeth have poked through in the past couple of weeks, which makes him the earliest "tooth-getter" of our kiddos. He's been drooling a lot, but has not seemed too bothered by the teething process. I've tried to get a picture of his little toofies, but no luck yet.

He is not crawling yet, but occasionally gets himself up on all 4s and rocks back and forth before falling forward on to his belly. He "gets around" by rotating on his belly or scooting on his belly (mostly backwards and very slowly). Although, he (in true Shane fashion) is pretty content to just hang out wherever we put him in the first place.

We've tried various "table foods" with him, but he definitely prefers pureed baby food. Although, he does like Puffs.

He recently moved in with Big Brother, while sissy moved out of that room into her own room. He and Caleb are great roomies so far, and Caleb is very very very excited for the day when he can sleep on the top bunk and Shane sleeps on the bottom...obviously, we have a while before that happens. =)

Our littlest is happy, healthy, and sweet as ever. It was just over a year ago that we found out Baby # 3 was a boy....and, what a blessing this little boy is to us!

A few weeks ago, Elise took some pictures of Shane. Here are some favorites...


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