Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meredith's First Haircut

My pretty little girl has some interesting hair. She has a "double swirl" cowlick type of thing in the back which accounted for her Kewpie hairstyle when she was a baby. And, while there are parts of her hair that grow pretty well, there are other parts that don't seem to grow quite as much, which results in some uneven locks. I am trying to grow out her bangs, and in the meantime they hang in her eyes unless she has a ponytail or a clip in to hold them back.

Some "Before" pics...

So, I took her in today to get her 1st haircut, hoping that they might be able to give her sweet head some style. It turns out that there isn't much that can be done for her double swirl, but they did manage to trim up her hair a bit so that the length was even. For the most part. =)

She sat so still and patiently. Such a good girl!

In the end, her hair didn't look all that different from before we went in, although the ends are not so dry and the length is much more uniform. And, you may be seeing my pretty little girl with a braid in her hair on a more regular basis!


Meredith got to "drive" a race car, watch Elmo, and pick out a necklace, a balloon and a sucker. Overall, good times. =)

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