Monday, April 25, 2011

The Exersaucer

I brought out the exersaucer today, and although Shane didn't seem too interested in any of the toys attached to the tray, he did seem to like the new position in which it allowed him to be. He was pretty content to hang out in there and look around for quite a while.

Caleb, being the wonderful Big Brother that he is, was very intentional about trying to teach Shane how to play with the toys. He would even take Shane's hands and put them where they needed to go in order to make the toys work. What a sweet brother he is!

Tonight, I was in our room when I heard some major giggling.

I looked in the hall to see this...

...which turned into this. =)

In her defense, it wasn't really that long ago that this was her toy! Oh, and I have a feeling that our sweet and petite little miss doesn't exceed the weight limit for it either!


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