Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Empty Tomb" Rolls

Caleb and I made these "Empty Tomb" Rolls together last year for the first time, after we received the recipe from a was a great (and yummy) way to illustrate the empty tomb of Christ. We made them again today (and included Meredith), so I guess you could say it has become a tradition! (Thanks to my friend Lisa and her mom for the great recipe!)

Working hard to dip the marshmallows into melted butter and a yummy sugar-cinnamon mixture....

Before baking:
Inside each "roll" is one of the large marshmallows that we previously coated.

After baking:

When you bite into the roll, you realize that the marshmallow is gone. The roll is empty!

This was a great activity to supplement the learning that was already going on around here about Easter. And, it made for a yummy afternoon snack as well. =)

And, just for an extra dose of sweetness...


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