Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kewpie Doll

Dear Readers,
Ever since I was born, I have had a bunch of hair on the top of my head that prefers to stand up straight, no matter how much my mommy tries to comb it very own
mohawk! One day, my Grandpa said that I looked like a "Kewpie doll". Although mom and dad had no idea what this was, Grandpa assured them that it wasn't a bad thing! The name has sort of stuck, and Grandpa still affectionately calls me "kewpie"! Since then, mom has googled "kewpie doll" and has agreed that I do kind of look like one! What do you think?

Here are some pictures of me...notice my "kewpie" hairstyle!

Love, Meredith


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