Friday, March 11, 2011


In the hopes that we'll be getting more Spring-y weather soon, and because Caleb's preschool class will be learning about rainbows next week, we decided to go ahead and make our own rainbow!

Both kids loved gluing the squares on the rainbow, and making clouds with cotton balls.

It was a fun way to help Meredith practice identifying colors, and to teach Caleb the color words.

(I know that, technically, there is no purple in the rainbow...after blue comes indigo and then violet. But for the sake of simplicity today, we just went with purple. )

And, we talked about how God created rainbows to forever remind us that He always keeps His promises!

I love rainbows. The bright and beautiful colors, the fact that if there is a rainbow there must be sun, and of course...the reminder of God's faithfulness. I think that we'll try to do some other rainbow-y things next week. We'll see!


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