Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainbow Tye-Dyed Cupcakes

So, this was what our cupcakes were supposed to look like.

(photo found online, when I googled photo of rainbow cupcake)

Aren't they pretty?
And perfect?
And don't they look just like the rainbows they are supposed to be?

Ahhh, I like things that are pretty.
And perfect.
And look like what they are supposed to be.

But, I suppose that cupcakes (and life) don't always turn out so perfect.

Alas, this is what our rainbow tye-dyed cupcakes turned out like!
(This is a photo of the inside of the cupcake...the outside had no color definition at all!)

Not sure what "went wrong". Poor Blue and Purple...they are virtually nowhere to be found.

Although, the most interesting thing to me is that we started with the purple batter on the bottom and red was on the top...for some reason, the colors flipped themselves around during the baking process.

My oven is magic.

Oh well, the kiddos had fun mixing the colors and watching them turn into cupcakes.

They are always entranced with the mixer. It's apparently better entertainment than TV.

Working on those fine motor skills by squeezing out the color drops.

Little Miss did a great job of putting the cupcake wrappers in the pan.

And taking them out.

And putting them back in again.

The best part was for sure mixing the colors. Caleb loved to see the batter transform as he stirred. We also got to witness how certain colors blend to create other colors (red+blue=purple; red+yellow=orange).

Look at how pretty the colors are!


Rainbow tie-dyed cupcakes.


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