Sunday, March 20, 2011

4th Trimester

I have heard it said that the first 3 months of a baby's life are likened to another trimester of pregnancy. Meaning, they have similar needs as to when they were in the womb. Not exactly sure what that entails, but it does make me a bit teary-eyed to think of my baby's "4th trimester" as being over.

It's true. Sweet little Shane is 3 months old today! He is seriously such a sweet bundle of goodness to us. He is content and sweet and cute and even his drool bubbles are precious. A true joy, this little one is.

He sleeps great...11.5-12 hours straight at night. He naps pretty well during the day, and since we've configured it so that his afternoon nap and the big kids' afternoon naps coincide, Mommy gets time to paint her toenails and eat chocolate and watch soap operas time to read her Bible, get dinner ready, do laundry, pick up toys, clean the house, etc. each afternoon. =)

He doesn't seem to like the pacifier very much, and is constantly trying to suck his fist/fingers/thumb.

We swaddle him at night, but usually by the morning he's wiggled his arms (or at least one of the them) out.

He hates tummy time, as most babies do, and we probably need to work on that mobility on the near horizon, but that is very much okay with me!

His coos are about the cutest things I have ever heard.

He enjoys bath time, although he doesn't get nearly as many full baths as Meredith did when she was a baby, and not even close to as many as Caleb had when he was a baby. Poor 3rd child. Don't worry though, we make sure he's clean. =)

He still likes "playing" on his play mat, although I have to be cautious when giving him floor time...the other day, Meredith tried to put a goldfish cracker in his mouth. Thankfully I caught that one in time!

He has the sweetest little grin, and occasionally lets out some little giggles. We've found a few ticklish spots that make him laugh, and sometimes just talking to him the right way provokes some giggles.

We love our little Shaner. Happy 3 months, baby!


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