Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wise Men Wisdom

This morning, while I clean bathrooms, Kris and Caleb are at his last "rehearsal" for the Christmas Eve program at the church he attends preschool at. Though he doesn't attend Sunday School there, all of the preschoolers were invited to be a part of the children's service on the 24th. So, while this is not our home church, we decided to have him participate in the program.

Caleb is going to be a shepherd. He'll wear a robe and carry a sheep. He'll sing "Away in a Manger" with the other kiddos, and will recite some lines with his friends as well. (Blog Post to come!)

Here's a cute (well, I think it's cute anyway!) story from rehearsal last week....

At last week's practice, when the 3 wise men were walking down the church aisle to bring their gifts to Baby Jesus, as it was very quiet except for some instrumental music playing, Caleb stated (rather loudly), "No, the wise men rode camels!" When nobody acknowledged him, he continued saying it...."The wise men rode camels. The wise men rode camels!"

While he apparently has some learning to do in the category of "Church Program Etiquette", I think it's great (and really cute) that he was so adamant about this!

We can only hope that he is this persistent about other Biblical truths as well. =)


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