Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No More Monkeys...

...jumping on the air mattress?!

A couple of weeks ago, we set up our air mattress for Kris' brother, who was in town at Thanksgiving. I never deflated it, because that is where Caleb has been taking his afternoon naps these days.

We are thankful to have this air mattress for when guests come over (since we no longer have a "guest room") and Caleb has enjoyed taking his naps on it. But the best part about it might be the entertainment that it provides! The kids love to play on in. And, while I am a firm believer in no jumping on the beds, or couches for that matter (I know, I am such a boring mom), I do allow the kids to bounce around on this. And they love it. And they get some energy out. And it is fun to watch. All around goodness.

Unfortunately, this will not be a permanent activity in our home, as the air mattress is currently in Baby Brother's room, and it will need to be deflated sometime in the next few weeks, for obvious reasons. But until then, if you come to our house, you might witness my little monkeys in a jumping frenzy! Oh and don't be surprised if you witness their momma take a few bounces here and there as well....(there are NO pictures of this, thankfully!).


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