Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to Green!

Well, we painted the nursery.

For the THIRD time in 3 years. =)

When we moved in, it was a very bright (almost neon) yellow. Ick.

We painted it green for Caleb.

When we found out that Meredith was a girl, we painted it pink.

And, now we are back to green. Although, the green we chose this time is different than the 1st green. Wow, aren't we creative (note the sarcasm here).

For what it's worth, we have NO plans to repaint that room. Ever!

Thanks so much to my Aunt Deb, who once again did a fabulous job.

One side of the room...

(I plan to put the letters for baby boy's name over the dresser. That is, if we ever decide on a name.)

Our beautiful crib made by Grandpa McCarty...
It's been a wonderful blessing to have such a special bed for our babies.

The other side...

We can't wait to fill these frames with pictures of our little boy!

It was fun to go through boxes of our baby boy things. I got a little teary-eyed thinking about Caleb when he was itty-bitty (well, as itty-bitty as a baby can be when they are born weighing 9.5 pounds.)...

I can't wait until this room is filled with photos, dirty diapers, baby laundry and of course....our baby boy!


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