Friday, October 1, 2010

Felt Board

Before Baby Boy arrives, we plan to have Meredith "move in" with Caleb. We have put a crib into his room for her, and are trying to add some "girly" touches without going too over the top! It has been tricky to try and configure furniture and toys in there, in such a way that is practical, but yet doesn't look too crowded. Because we don't have a separate playroom, the kids' bedrooms are where they spend a lot of their time playing, so unfortunately, bedrooms in the Johnson house are multi-purpose!

Anyway, in my efforts to organize, I ended up placing their bookshelf in a way in which the back of the shelf is exposed. And, while the back of the shelf was actually fairly decent looking, I wanted to make better use of that "space". I wanted to do something that would be fun and interactive for the kids and, most certainly, NOT messy! [So, the whole idea of chalkboard paint was out. =) ]

This is what I came up with:

A trip to the craft store, $5 , some staple gun action by the hubby, some cutting by me, and voila! A felt board! (Feel free to laugh at my felt "people"...even Caleb thinks that they are snowmen!)


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