Monday, October 11, 2010

28 Week Appointment

I went in for my latest OB appointment today. Normally, Kris is able to stay at home with the kids while I go to my check-ups, but today he had a client meeting, so I had to bring the three little ones with me. Not ideal, but we made it work. Thankfully, the wait times were not too bad, and some books, pretzels, and lots of songs kept them from getting too stir crazy. All of the nurses and doctors were so patient with them and especially loved seeing Caleb and Meredith!

My doctor did an ultrasound, which I did not expect, but definitely welcomed! I love any chance we get to see our little guy.

Baby #3 is measuring right on track as of now, which leads me to think that I won't be having another 9+ pound baby boy. (When I was pregnant with Caleb, he was already measuring 2-3 weeks ahead at this point.). We'll see! I guess one never really knows for sure until birth day!

He is healthy and growing, and for that we are so thankful. Oh, and he is in the right position (head down) so that is good to know. At my last ultrasound, he was completely breech. I know that there is still a chance he'll move around in there, but hopefully he stays put so that he is in the right position for delivery!

Appointments are now every 2 weeks!

I was so proud of how well the kiddos behaved, that they got an ice cream treat when we got home.


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