Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Baking Buddy

Caleb loves to help. He is especially fond of helping out in the kitchen.

The moment I say "Caleb, would you like to help Mommy make _____________ (fill in any food here)?", he gets out-of-control giddy. He stops whatever he is doing and runs to the kitchen, pushes one of the chairs over to the counter, and is ready for whatever I have for him to help with! I love it!

Because of this, I have gotten into the habit of baking at least one morning a week.....it is an activity that Caleb and I can do together during Meredith's morning nap.

If you look back to this post, you'll recall that helping in the kitchen is not something new to Caleb. Although, something that is new is that he has acquired the taste for chocolate chip cookies. =)

Here are a few photos from our latest baking session.

Pouring in the flour...


Time for the chocolate chips...

Helping chop the nuts....

I just love this kid!


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