Monday, December 21, 2009


One of my favorite things about having little ones in the house is all of the new experiences that happen day by day.

It is so fun and so special to witness our kids' reactions to new things they see, taste, touch, hear, and feel.

Here are a couple of examples from lately of the kiddos experiencing something new...

1. Meredith trying out the excersaucer....normally, she is a very smiley girl, but she was all business with this...trying to figure it all out!

2. Caleb having hot chocolate (okay, it was more like lukewarm chocolate) for the first time. He was not a huge fan of the actual drink (surprise, surprise), but loved the marshmallows that I put in there!

Such little things, I know.
But seriously, it is such a blessing to me to take time to experience even the smallest of things with my kids.


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