Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Tale of a Tree

Once upon a time, there was a tree. It lived at William's Tree Farm in Rockton, IL. It was a happy tree. It had lots of friends, and plenty of room to stretch its branches.

As happy as this tree was, he felt that something was missing. You see, from the time he was just a wee little sapling, he had dreams of becoming the most special of trees...a Christmas tree.
His parents were Christmas trees, and his parents' parents were Christmas trees.

He couldn't wait until that special day when someone decided that he would be the perfect Christmas tree for their home.

Many days, and years in fact, went by. He watched as many of his friends were chosen. And while he enjoyed his home at Williams Tree Farm, he longed to be picked as well.

One day, another rush of families came to the farm. They rode on horse-drawn wagons out to the fields of trees.

As always, people admired him and talked of his beautiful color and stately branches. But, everyone ultimately moved on to other trees.

Then, one family came by. They talked about him, and looked at each side of him. They seemed to really like him! Could this be his special day?

The tree wasn't sure what to think, because the little boy in the family didn't seem too interested in any tree. He just wanted to play with sticks.

After the family looked around at a few of his friends, they came back to him and decided that he would be their tree this Christmas! Hooray!

They cut him down...

...and carried him away. He was so proud!

While he rode on a special wagon back to the barn to get ready to go to his new home, the family walked back.

When he got tired of walking, the little boy rode on Grandpa's shoulders.

While the tree got shaken and bound, so that they could take him home, the family enjoyed lunch.

The baby finally woke up after sleeping through the entire process...

...and they tried to take a family photo.

After lunch (and failed attempts at a family photo), the family put the tree on top of their car (their "tan van car" as the little boy likes to call it).

They took the tree to their home, and decorated it for Christmas. They put lights on him, and some ornaments. The little boy even stood on top of his daddy's shoulders to put the star on top.

He was so happy to finally be someone's Christmas tree.

The end.


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