Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Average Cantaloupe

While we know that our baby girl is much more special than your "average cantaloupe", this is indeed how babycenter.com helps us understand how big she is (give or take a few ounces I suppose!). While it's a bit silly to think about our baby being compared to all sorts of things, from a poppy seed to a pumpkin, it is fun to have a visual reference of her current size!

Yesterday (Monday), we hit the 34 week mark....all the "vitals" (my blood pressure, baby's heartbeat, etc.) are still looking good. I go back again at 36 weeks, and then will go weekly until she is born!

Here's my 34 week belly shot.....if I look tired, it is because I am. I have not been sleeping well, due to this darn eczema. It is out of control! I talked more with the doctor yesterday, and there isn't really anything I can take other than what I have already tried. At least I am already getting prepared to wake up multiple times a night once the baby arrives!

**My 30 week shot was taken in this same shirt, so if you want to see the belly difference, click here. Yes, I look a bit smaller, and much less tired. It's true.


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