Monday, July 20, 2009

36 Weeks

4 more weeks to go!

Today's doctor's appointment went well....they did a non-stress test just to make sure everything was alright, and everything seems to be going well! It was fun to see Baby Girl's heartrate respond to her movement. I now go in for checkups every week - yay!

At home, we are pretty much ready for her to is ready, diapers are stacked, clothes are washed, etc. Oh, and we have pretty much decided on a name...almost, sort of, maybe? It has been quite a process for us to decide on a name that we both like, let alone LOVE! Finally, I think we are there....hopefully. But, don't ask us what it is....we are keeping it a secret.

Kris is really good at keeping secrets.

I am not.

So, please don't ask me. =)

On the eczema front.....after a REALLY BAD flare up, I did end up getting a prescription for a cream that both my dermatologist and O.B. decided was safe for me to seems to have been helping, and I have been sleeping better at night. Praise God!

36 weeks...

FYI: For those of you interested, Baby Girl is about the size of a crenshaw melon....whatever that is!


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