Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ready for UF?

Caleb loves frisbees. Is anyone surprised?

About a month or so ago, when we first showed him how to throw it, we were amazed at how quickly he caught on to the correct "form" for frisbee throwing....and with his LEFT hand! Daddy is ecstatic about that!

He loves to play the game where he throws the frisbee and we race him to go get it.....of course, our little runner usually wins....=)

We figure that, by next summer (or maybe even the Fall!), he'll be ready to get out on the Ultimate Frisbee field with mom and dad!

**Quick translation:
"Ceb's get bizbee." means "Caleb gets frisbee."...=)
"Mommy, pay again" means "Mommy, play again!"


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