Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Caleb and I drove up to Wisconsin today to visit friends. Brandy, Shawna and I have been great friends since high school.

Unfortunately, we have spent most of our married & parenting lives hours away from one another. So, I really cherish the times that we all get to be together. Shawna has twin 2-year olds...Jensen and Owen, and a 5 month old, Lawsen. Brandy has 2 daughters...4 year old Haley and 21 month old Sydney. And, they just welcomed their first boy, Oswald (Ozzy) into the world 10 days ago!

Here is a picture from today of the "big kids". Missing from this photo are Lawsen and Ozzy....they were napping. Hopefully, we'll be able to get together again after our little one is born, and we can get a photo of all 8 of them!

And, just for fun...

March 2008

And, the first time they were all together...
November, 2007


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