Monday, February 2, 2009

Special News

For those of you who have not yet heard....
We are so blessed to be sharing that...
Our next baby is on the way!

Caleb's little brother or sister is due to arrive just in time for his 2nd birthday.
Our due date is August 17th (Caleb's birthday is August 26th!).

We are so excited to be able to share this news. The past weeks have been a bit difficult....and LONG. Because of my 2 previous miscarriages and some concerns that my doctor has had during this pregnancy, they have been seeing me on a pretty regular basis. I have been to the doctor 6 times in the past 7 weeks! Although I have not been on strict bed-rest, I have been instructed to "take it easy, and rest as much as possible". I have also had to take progesterone pills, which as of today, I no longer need to take!

I am 12 weeks today and had a doctor's appointment. An ultrasound showed a healthy and growing baby with a strong heartbeat (167 beats per minute). He (or she!) was moving all over, and we were able to distinguish the tiniest of details, including all 10 fingers! The doctor told me that the baby looked like me....and, while I don't honestly think that you can tell that this early, it was fun to think about one of my children resembling me, even in the slightest, since Caleb decided not to take on any of my features at all! =)

Here is an ultrasound shot of the little peanut. Sorry it is a bit blurry....I do not have a scanner, so I actually took a picture of the picture!

Baby is facing to the left of the screen (notice the little nose!), with his or her right hand up by his right eye, and the left hand across his chest. You can also see the tops of both of his legs toward the bottom (the bottom halves of his legs were not in this cropped photo, but they do exist!!!).....I keep referring to the little one as a boy...not because we know that it is, but out of habit. =)

We cherish your prayers for our baby!


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