Monday, February 16, 2009


As we mentioned in our previous post, Hoops, Caleb loves to shoot baskets, but was having a hard time getting the ball in the hoop without something to stand on (or Daddy's shoulder's to sit on!). Over the past few days, he has been practicing hard (seriously, the boy works up a sweat!). He has been determined to learn to shoot from the floor. He figured out that it was an easier feat when using a smaller basketball. So, he managed to perfect his shot with the small ball on the left. Once he mastered that, he moved on to the bigger ball on the right (the one that came with the hoop) and has learned to make a basket with that one as well!

This process has been fun. Some of you may wonder how exciting it can be to watch a 1-year old shoot baskets over and over, but it really has been enjoyable to watch Caleb learn, react, and accomplish something, even something small. When Caleb misses a shot, he'll do 1 of three things: 1.) put his hands on his head and say "ooohhh", like Daddy does, 2.) get frustrated and throw the ball away, like Mommy might do, or 3.) keep on going, like we both do.....eventually. When he makes it, he often looks to us for some praise, and then we all cheer together.

Here is a quick clip of his efforts today! (He does normally have clothes on...I promise.)


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